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International Science Group in America

Scientific research is often a lonely job with much scope for self-doubt and flailing hopes. Our conferences are high energy events that leave you inspired and often reaffirm your faith in your work. Many of our participants have experienced clarity of thought and light bulb moments that brings the research roadmap into focus – from the scientific research labs to the field, to the market.

Salveregin Science Group conferences can guide your career in scientific research and give it the right direction. By bringing together the academia and the industry face to face we facilitate the new collaborations and new discourses.

Salveregin Science Group conferences cover a broad range of scientific research in subjects as diverse as Science, Technology, Medical, Pharma, Clinical, and Engineering. Attending a Salveregin Science group Conferences provides access to ground-breaking research presentations and discussions. The ambiance is informal and the size of the gathering is just right to be able to network, develop collaborations, get innovative ideas for your own work and plan for the next stage of your scientific career.

All researchers, including postdoctoral candidates and graduate students, are encouraged to attend the Salveregin Science Group conferences in their respective research field. Each conference offers a poster session. This is an opportunity for young researchers to showcase their work to experts and gather their valuable inputs.

Business to business meetings is arranged during the conference time.  This is the best platform to develop new partnership and collaborations worldwide.

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