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About Salveregin Science Group

Salveregin Group is initiated to satisfy a desire and to pursue collective goals of the scientific community specifically focusing within the field of Sciences, Engineering, and technology to endorse exchanging of the ideas that facilitate the collaboration between the scientists, academicians, and analysisers of same field or knowledge domain research.

Salveregin Group is skillful in organizing conferences, meetings, seminars and workshops with the ingenious and incomparable speakers throughout the globe providing you and your organization with a broad vary of networking opportunities to widen your analysis and make your own identity. Our conference and workshops will be well titled as ‘ocean of knowledge’ wherever you’ll sail your boat and choose the pearls, leading the means for innovative analysis and techniques empowering the strength by overwhelming the complications associated inside the various fields.

In a terribly short length, Salveregin Science succeeded in mounting a singular platform for professionals, budding researchers and consultants from totally different countries, universities, hospitals, analysis establishments, industries, and firms, building a chance to simply socialize and discuss their goals, techniques of analysis, latest science discoveries, facts and news. Our organization runs promptly with dedicated and skillful employees’ managing totally different conferences throughout the globe, while not compromising service and quality

The quest for knowledge is one of the causes worth pursuing and man alone is capable of doing that. Salveregin Science Group provides a platform for knowledge workers, thinkers, visionaries, thought leaders, change enablers, dreamers and doers from diverse fields to interact together, exchange ideas, share knowledge, connect with a community, confer with one another, explore new frontiers of knowledge and create new value for the world.

Carl Sagan, astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist


Salvereign Group is dedicated to organize International conferences and establish direct communication between researchers, either working in a similar field or in interdisciplinary research activities. The Salveregin Science Group promotes discussions and a free exchange of innovative thoughts at the research frontiers of the science, medical, health, clinical, engineering, and technology.


Salveregin Group team provides expertise in the smooth conduct of scientific conferences. Know-how and know-who are two important aspects of this business. We are well versed with the nitty gritty conducting a conference; like familiarity with supply chain, associations with an array of convention centers, vendors, hotel chains etc, to make the conference memorable. We are also favorably placed when it comes to relations with the scientific community.


Salveregin group has been structured to become skilled Conference Organizer by providing some way for valuable means that of diffusing data and ideas that can’t be achieved by usual channels of communications. Salveregin Group powerfully believes in every and each analysis of yours deserves hats-off and an enormous spherical of commendation.

August 26 – 27, 2019

International Conference on Agriculture and Horticulture

August 26 – 27, 2019

International Conference on Food Science and Nutrition

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